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Atlas Interpretation:
Interpreted image
Type of Preparation:


Clinical History:
41 year old female, routine visit. No other clinical information


Cytomorphologic Criteria:
These cells represent "deeper" endometrial stromal cells with scant, polar cytoplasm. These nuclei are plumper than usual stromal cells with delicate chromatin. Note the plasma cells in association with the spindled stromal cells. These stromal cells are demonstrating reactive changes in association with chronic inflammation (endometritis).

Explanatory Notes:
Exfoliated glandular epithelial cells are the endometrial cells that may have clinical significance as a harbinger of endometrial pathology. Stromal cells and histiocytes do not have independent significance. Their presence should not be reported in the same context as exfoliated glandular epithelium. Frequently, stromal cells such as these may represent abraded, not exfoliated endometrium.

Normal Pap smear follow up for 15 years

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