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Atlas Interpretation:
Interpreted image
Type of Preparation:


NILM: Fungal organisms morphologically consistent with Candida spp.

Cytomorphologic Criteria:
Lactobacilli, Cytolysis, and fungal organisms are seen in this image. Abundant lactobacilli with intermediate squamous cells, many of which show cytolysis (bare nuclei with partial or complete stripping of cytoplasm). The nuclei are bland and well-preserved.

Explanatory Notes:
In determining specimen adequacy, nuclear preservation and visualization are of key importance, and changes such as cytolysis and partial obscuring of cytoplasmic detail may not necessarily interfere with specimen evaluation. Abundant cytolysis(>~50%) may be mentioned as a quality indicator, but most such specimens do not qualify as unsatisfactory unless nearly all of the nuclei are devoid of cytoplasm.

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