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Atlas Interpretation:
Interpreted image
Type of Preparation:


Clinical History:
40 year old woman s/p resection of melanoma of the thigh presents with a small discolored submucosal lesion on the cervix; LMP 4 weeks

Other Malignant Neoplasms: Malignant melanoma

Cytomorphologic Criteria:
Large single or loosely cohesive cells with round nuclei, irregular nuclear membranes, coarsely clumped irregularly distributed chromatin and prominent nucleoli are compatible with a poorly differentiated neoplasm.

Explanatory Notes:
The presence of intranuclear pseudoinclusion and melanin pigment is helpful in arriving at a definitive diagnosis. Additionally if material from LBP sample is available, immunostains for S-100 protein, HMB-45 and Melanin-A may help confirm the diagnosis. Malignant melanoma in the cervix may arise as a primary tumor but is most frequently encountered as a metastasis in patients with known primaries.

Cells in Pap smear are identical to those seen in her previous tissue interpreted as malignant melanoma

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