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Atlas Interpretation:
Interpreted image
Type of Preparation:
SurePath/ LBP


Adequacy Description:
Satisfactory: Borderline adequate squamous cellularity

Cytomorphologic Criteria:
This image depicts the approximate cellular density of an adequate but borderline SurePath specimen. Although this image cannot be compared directly to a full microscopic field, there were approximately 11 cells per 40X field. Average of 11 cells per 40X field = 5,000-10,000 total cellularity. It should be used as a guide in assessing squamous cellularity of SurePath specimens which are suspected of being of borderline or inadequate cellularity. An adequate liquid based preparation should have an estimated minimum of 5,000 well-visualized/preserved squamous cells.

Explanatory Notes:
Slides with borderline or low cellularity should be assessed by estimation of average cell number in at least 10 fields. At 40X, there were approximately 11 cells per field when 10 microscopic fields along a diameter were evaluated for squamous cellularity. This would give an estimated total cell count between 5,000 ? 10, 000. Laboratories may choose to append a quality indicator statement such as "borderline or low squamous cellularity" when specimens meet minimal criteria, but have only 5,000-20,000 cells.

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